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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
Serving the community since 1928

Volunteers required !

Calling all local residents

You will be aware, through this website or the printed "Guide", of the important work undertaken on our behalf by a tiny group of Association committee members. For example,

All this and much more, as increasingly our area becomes merely a Council Tax collection point providing more and more funds for lessening return.

If we are able to continue to fight against the powerful interests that go for the nasty but easy options, then we (i.e. YOU) cannot afford to relax our efforts.

And that is where YOU come in. If you have a couple of hours a month you could devote to a meeting and a follow-up piece of action, such as writing a letter or doing some research, we need YOU to keep this one of the most active of local Associations.

Please let us know if you might be able to help the Association in any way, or would like more information.

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Current vacancies will be posted from time to time on the messageboard.

Volunteering in general