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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
Serving the community since 1928

Proposed developments on floodplain

Extracts from a recent Residents' Association meeting and from letters to the Council and formal responses by the Association and the Enviroment Agency to planning applications

This Residents' Association was formed in 1928 as a result of concern about flooding in what is now the West Barnes Ward of the London Borough of Merton. Some 33% of the area is flood plain as identified by the Environment Agency (EA).

St. Catherine's R.C. School, Grand Drive

"The site lies within the modelled 1 in 100 year floodplain of the Pyl Brook and any development will reduce flood storage, obstruct overland flow routes and increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. Housing on the site will also place further residents within the Borough at risk of flooding. Such a proposal is in direct contravention of Merton's Unitary Development Plan policy and government guidance. The entire site is within the floodplain and as such there will be no scope for flood mitigation measures. The EA will therefore oppose all proposals to develop the site."

The Residents' Association have also expressed their opposition to any change to the designation of this site as Metropolitan Open Land, particularly in the light of the recent sale of Prince George's Playing Field and proposals to develop other local playing fields.

King's College School

The school have put in a planning application in relation to their sports ground at Kingsway, where they want to move a classroom and erect a temporary tea-room. The EA are not opposed to the proposal in principle, but want improvements to reduce the flood risk from Pyl Brook.

Recent history of development on the floodplain in West Barnes