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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
Serving the community since 1928

Earlier floods in West Barnes

West Barnes Lane in 1968(?) (16Kb) Fording West Barnes Lane, thirty or forty years ago (1968 ?). (The original picture was rather pink too ; do not adjust your set !)
Westway in 1968 (16Kb) Westway in 1968, from Martin Mitchell's own collection.
Westway in 1968  (13Kb) Making waves on Westway, again in 1968.
Westway in 1981  (16Kb) Canoeing down Westway in 1981.
Kingsway in 1982  (21Kb) Boating on Kingsway in 1982.
Tennyson Avenue in 1982  (16Kb) Tennyson Avenue in 1982.

Thanks to all the residents who contributed the pictures which appear on this page or in the Autumn 2000 collection, and others which have now been copied for the Association's archives.