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Planning application for development on LESSA Sports Ground

Copy of a letter sent to local residents by Councillor Gilli Lewis-Lavender, January 2001

Dear Resident,

Re:Lessa Sports Ground, Grand Drive, Raynes Park, SW20
Planning Application No: 00/P2413

You should by now have received details of an outline planning application by Barratt Homes Ltd. The notice from Mr. O Duyile is dated 18th December 2000, with formal objections to be sent to the Council by 8th January. However we understand that some residents affected by the proposals have only just received their copy.

The Proposal is to build 100 dwelling units (houses and flats) to a maximum of 450 habitable rooms, covering just under half the site. The plan shows 62 houses and 8 blocks of flats (two- and three-storey). The Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association believes this amounts to much more than 100 dwelling units.

The plan shows the provision of a new publicly accessible local park with playing fields, which will provide the following facilities:

In addition to these on-site recreation facilities, it proposed that there should be some off-site provision (planning gain) involving refurbishment at the Raynes Park Sports Ground in Taunton Avenue, and at the Joseph Hood Recreation Ground (including new floodlights).

The Residents` Association will, of course, be sending its own formal letters of objection to these proposals; however, they advise that residents should write individually. The following are some main points on which objections might be made:

Gilli Lewis-Lavender (Councillor for West Barnes Ward)