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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
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Prince George's Playing Fields - Update no. 1 (May 2000)

Merton Council Prepares a Planning Brief

It has been reported in the Merton Messenger that Merton Council has stated that it is prepared to work with Wimbledon Football Club as it develops proposals for a football academy at Prince George's.

The Council issued a statement in reaction to news that the Club has acquired a long lease on the 48-acre Raynes Park site from the London Playing Fields Society.

The Wimbledon Club proposes to use the site for first team training, and as a base for its award-winning Football in the Community scheme.

As the Council is the planning authority, and in time will have to determine the planning application for the site, it is currently in the throes of preparing a planning brief for developers to work to. The Residents' Association will, of course, be seeking to obtain a copy of this brief. Any proposal Wimbledon FC brings forward will have to comply with the restrictions of the site's MOL designation.

It is understood that any planning application for the site is likely to be called in by the Department of Transport, Environment and the Regions. This will effectively take the decision-making process out of the Council's hands.

Meanwhile, Dr. Charles Goodson-Wickes, of the London Playing Fields Society, who was requested by residents at a meeting on 13th April to withdraw the objections to the MOL status of Prince George's (made on the Society's behalf by Messrs Savills), has written to inform the Association that this is now a matter for Wimbledon Football Club, as the new Lessees.

Andrew Barwick (Chairman, Prince George's sub-committee)