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Prince George's Playing Fields - Update no. 2 (May 2000)

Now that Wimbledon Football Club (WFC) has bought Prince George's, the future of this open space lies in the hands of Merton planning and of course the WFC themselves. Let's ensure that as local residents our voices are heard!

As detailed in my report on page 7 of last month's Guide, we met WFC Deputy Chairman Charles Koppel at the LPFS meeting on April 17th. He promised to consult the residents' associations before submitting plans to the council. We have been in contact with Mr Koppel again recently, but he said it was too early to show us anything outline plans are not yet available.

While we deplore the sale of their oldest playing field by the LPFS, we must also welcome WFC as our new neighbours. It was sad to see them relegated after fourteen years in the premier division. Let's hope they can benefit from better training facilities on Prince George's, and also hope that their plans will continue to provide green open space, some access for residents and a place for open air community sport.

We have heard unofficially that Merton planners are working on a planning brief and our planning experts will be keeping an eagle eye on this it is most important that the Metropolitan Open Land (MOL) status is fully maintained.

I am confident that the existing footpath and cycle track from Grand Drive to Whatley Avenue will not be affected, but some residents, by dint of a twenty-year use, may also have established a right of way over other parts of Prince George's, e.g. from Cannon Close, Berrylands or Whatley Ave. to Bushy Rd.

Our Hon. Legal adviser John Pearson has done some research on our behalf and produced a questionnaire. Notices have been displayed at the exits. If you have been walking across the field for twenty years or more - please contact me.

Andrew Barwick (Chairman, Prince George's sub-committee)