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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
Serving the community since 1928

Prince George's Playing Fields - response to planning framework document

A summary of the response submitted to Merton Council by David Freeman, on behalf of the Residents' Association, 26 October 2000

We welcome this consultation and are pleased to have the opportunity to contribute to the planning process.

We strongly support:

  1. The proposed location of any new building development and parking
  2. The centralization of the changing room accommodation
  3. That the main vehicle entrance be from Bushey Road - shared with the Tennis Centre
  4. The preservation of the mature oak trees
  5. The proposed new north/south cycle/footpaths
  6. Retention of open vistas across the main field
  7. Enhancement of nature conservation in the areas adjacent to the enclosed ground

We oppose:

  1. Closure of the car park at the north-west corner which is used by residents
  2. Increased floodlighting close to houses
  3. Any increase in vehicle traffic using the Grand Drive entrance

We propose:

  1. That "Grass Grid" car parking surfaces be used to retain the playing field appearance when not covered in cars
  2. Moving the pitch, with spectator seating and floodlighting, further away from residential housing
  3. Access for ALL spectator vehicles and parking to be from the new Bushy Road entrance only
  4. Closure of the unofficial car park (old tennis courts) next to the Grand Drive entrance
  5. Public pedestrian access to most of the main field be retained
  6. Community football pitches be provided
  7. A maximum limit be set for area covered by new buildings
  8. Metropolitan Open Land rules be strictly applied