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Raynes Park and West Barnes Residents' Association
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Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields

A letter to local residents from Councillor William Brierly, September 2002

Dear Residents,

You may be aware that I have been pressing the council to improve the quality of sports facilities in the borough. Local parks provide invaluable open space for the whole community. In addition, leisure activities are a vital part of any modern government's approach to tackling youth issues.

The Sir Joseph Hood Memorial Playing Fields in Marina Avenue have been the focal point for my efforts. In my opinion, the park has too few facilities to justify the name "playing fields". In addition, the tennis courts are appalling.

The London Borough of Merton assure me that funds are available to finance improvements to facilities in Merton through a number of independent bodies, and that they would be willing to work with a local residents' club to bid for such funds. In addition, I note that a group representing Mostyn Gardens is well on the way to raising £75,000 with just such a joint approach.

I know from the survey replies I have received that there is a general consensus that the facilities in our park must improve ; however, it is vital that local residents, particularly those from Marina Avenue, are able to steer such changes. The time has now come to form a local residents' club to co-ordinate such efforts. If you would be able to give up a small amount of your time to get this project off the ground, I would ask you to contact me as soon as possible.

Councillor William Brierly